The New Neuropsychology of Weight Control

Stanford & BYU scientists' research leads to discovery of the master key to significant & lasting weight loss. (See "Stanford & BYU Research Below)

Your brain has a "Fat Thermostat" that can be programmed to burn fat by reducing sugar and eating plenteous amounts of good, wholesome food, not starvation dieting. Lose 3 Pounds a Week. (See "How It Works" Below)

Proven by 1.3 million + customers who lost weight and have kept it off. (See "Testimonials" Below)

Powerfully effective online weight loss course has 13 audio modules plus an interactive 125-page digital study guide with body fat calculator, meal plans, recipes, and success journal. (See "Program Contents" Below)

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Testimonials From People Who Were Able to Reclaim Their Lives Through The  Neuropsychology of Weight Control

Please take the time to read each of the testimonials below. These are real people just like you. Their lives have been blessed with the research and insights of BYU scientist Dr. Garth Fisher & Stanford researcher Steve DeVore. These and over 1.3 million other's have been able to transform their lives by using The Neuropsychology of Weight Control. As you read, look for the testimonials that best describe your current situation. And perhaps think, "If it can happen to them, it can happen to me."

Lost 53 lbs & 39 lbs. "Our Family & Friends Are  Amazed"

"I've lost 53 pounds and have never felt better since my athletic days in college.


"My wife Linda has lost 39 pounds. Thanks to you and The Neuro- psychology of Weight Control. It really works!


"After we got married we gradually started gaining weight until it became unacceptable. We had to do something about it.


"We started dieting and lost some weight.  When we couldn't stand the diets any longer and went back to our old, sugary eating habits, we gained all the weight back again, plus some.


"Now we eat more good food than we've ever eaten before and are still losing weight.  Our friends and family friends are amazed at the change in us. It has also revitalized our marriage."  Blair and
Linda Ball, Houston, Texas



Lost 126 lbs. "I Finally Discovered My Real Self & My Potential"

"I've been overweight since childhood. I was always the fat kid at school. I took a lot of cruel teasing. It made me tougher and more resilient. I put that focus to work in starvation dieting.


I only got fatter  and more depressed with every diet.


"Before I discovered The Neuropsychology of Weight Control I weighed 305 pounds. Now I weigh 179 and feel great. It's a dream come true. I can't believe what I now see in my full-length mirror.


"Everyone who knows me can't believe the transformation. They don't believe me when I tell them I lost all the weight by eating tons of good food and walking a little every day for exercise.


"Thanks to you and your wonderful program I've finally discovered my real self and my raw potential to be and do whatever I set my mind to do —  of course with the help of my Creator and by following correct principles like those found in your wonderful program." Donald Ferry, Rhode Island.



Lost 160 lbs & 48 Dress Sizes in 10 Months

"Last summer I took my grandkids to the beach and some cruel teenagers started chanting "beached whale" at me. It was the most humiliating thing I've ever experienced. I decided I had to finally do something, if it were possible.


"I've been obese my entire life and tried every diet that's ever come out—only to end of bigger and more miserable.


"Then I discovered The Neuropsychology of Weight Control.  I dropped from 309 pounds to 159 pounds in ten months, going from size 60 dress to a size 12 — 48 dress sizes!! — a transformation that has changed my life forever. I feel so good about life, about living. I've turned a weakness into a strength. I've lost a person and gained myself."   Linda Rosen, Lauderhill, FL



Lost 61 lbs. "I Feel Like a New Person"

"I lost 61 pounds (from 241 to 180 pounds) in seven months on The Neuropsychology of Weight Control.


"I have a whole different outlook on life like I could start out tomorrow... as a 20 year old and go after life again. I do feel like a new person.


"The bottom line is I get approached by women...for friendship or whatever. I was never looked at or ap- proached before.


"If I hadn't found this program I would probably be 260 something and have had a heart attack."  Bob Sposato, Long Island, New York

Lost 71 lbs. "I Feel Light Like a Butterfly. I'm Free"

"I had it set in my mind that I was going to be fat for the rest of my life. The Neuropsychology of Weight Control made me change my mind completely.


"I started the program at 206 pounds, now I weigh 135. 1 feel
light, just like a butterfly, I'm free.

"The program has changed my life. My husband said he'd love me even if I weighed 500 pounds, but when I lost the weight ... we fell in love all over again.


"On this program, I've, never felt a hunger pain. Never. It's great." Melissa Momany ,  Dixon, Tennessee



Lost 71 lbs. "I thought I was destined to get fatter and fatter."

"I've dieted, gained weight, dieted and gained more weight my entire life until I ballooned up to 237 pounds. I thought I was destined to get fatter and fatter. Then, five months ago,  I ordered The Neuropsychology of Weight Control. It made so much sense to me. Now I've lost 71 pounds and I'm eating more food than I've ever eaten in my entire life. I'm now close to my goal of 20% body fat.


"The Neuropsychology of Weight Control has made me a whole new person—  the way I look, the way I think about myself and the way others regard and respect me for what I've finally done all through reducing the amount of sugar I consume, not dieting and eating lots of good, healthy food." Mary Reynolds, Ontario, Canada



Lost 76 lbs. "I Was Inspired by My Wife's Success."

"The Neuropsychology of Weight Control has not only transformed our health but it has brought a new vitality to our marriage. It's like we're on a perpetual honeymoon.

"We were both quite overweight when we got married. The physical side of things weren't as important as the love we felt for each other.  No matter what, she was and is the most beautiful person in the world.


"Then Liz's doctor told her about the program. She bought it and started cooking great tasting meals. She ate so much I thought she was going to gain more weight. But the opposite happened.

"I too started following the program. It was hard to cut back on sugar — our main source of energy —  for the first few weeks. Then suddenly,  my weight began to melt away. I couldn't believe it. I started at 240 pounds and now weight 164 pounds. Thank you for creating this program. "
Mark Reynolds, Ontario, Canada



Lost 30 lbs. "Seem Like a Miracle in My Life"

"In three months I've lost 30 pounds using The Neuropsychology of Weight Control. I'm a happier person. I feel free, relaxed, positive about food and positive about my ability to communicate.  With the help of The Neuropsychology of Weight Control I have come out of myself.


"I can reach out and touch people and communicate with them. It's brought joy to my life again. For me The Neuropsychology of Weight Control seemed like a miracle when it came into my life." Cheryl Maybee   Alhambra, California



Lost 168 lbs. "It Saved My Life!"

 "Simply stated, The Neuropsychology of Weight Control saved my life! Before I started the program I weighed 318 pounds. I was addicted to sugar, diet soft drinks, pastries.


"Anything that was sweet and fattening. Over the years I tried every diet that came along.  Nothing else I've tried has never worked.


"Now I can eat all I want (of course healthy food), lose the weight and keep it off. I've never been hungry on this program. In fact, I feel comfortably full all of the time.


"I've lost 168 pounds in less than 12 months and I've kept it off!" Luana Ali, Los Angeles, California

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Research at Stanford University & BYU  Results in the Last Weight Control Program You'll Ever Need

Dr. Garth Fisher, founder of the world-renown Brigham Young University Human Performance Research Center and one of the most respected weight loss experts in the world wondered why so many people in the Mormon culture were overweight — especially since they followed a strict health code called the "Word of Wisdom." Recent BYU research, for example, found  Mormons in Utah are 38 percent more likely to be obese than those of other religions.

White (Flour & Sugar) Food, Weight Gain, Starvation Dieting & More Weight Gain
Dr. Fisher studied 400 overweight Mormon women and learned they gradually got that way by eating a lot of white flour and sugar-laced/based foods — gained weight as a result and then went on a  number of near-starvation diets to lose the weight.


After each failed diet, their appetite for "white" foods increased, they became fatigued and depressed and they gained more weight. The food they were eating, Dr Fisher concluded, was poison to their bodies and made them overweight, depressed and feeling hopeless.

Plenteous Amounts of Wholesome Food "Healing Medicine"?

Dr. Fisher had a novel idea. Instead of starving why not eat plenteous amounts of good food — lean meat, vegetables, roots, nuts, grain and fruit. Perhaps if the bad "white" food was poison maybe the good food would be healing medicine. He also had the women walk a minimum of 15 minutes a day.

Lost So Much Weight They Thought They Had Tapeworms

Within a few weeks Fisher's subjects began to shed excess body fat. They went into a state of "ketosis" where their bodies began to burn fat for energy instead of sugar.  Within six to eight months all of the women in Dr. Fisher's group had achieved their ideal natural weight — the lean body they had when they were young and energetic. And, the women were able to keep it off because they had made the healthy eating and exercise principles a lifestyle habit.

Joins Forces With Steve DeVore at Stanford University
Dr. Fisher tested two more groups of overweight people with the same positive results. He took what he learned from these studies and teamed up with Steve DeVore, founder of SyberVision (who was doing research at the elite Stanford Neuropsychology Research Laboratory) to create The Neuropsychology of Weight Control/How to Lower Your Fat Thermostat program.

Million + Sold With Powerful Testimonials
Within eighteen months 1.3 million copies of the new audio/workbook weight control course were sold worldwide — and tens of thousands of dramatic testimonials flooded their mailbox.

Studied Most Successful Customers— New  Program Developed
DeVore and Fisher decided to identify, survey and interview the successful weight losers (people who lost at least 40 pounds up to 250 pounds) to learn why they were successful. What they learned they put into a new program called The New Neuropsychology of Weight Control.


The New Neuropsychology of Weight Control can change your life even if you've tried every weight loss technique and diet ever devised.


You'll learn: how you can actually eat more than you do now and still lose weight; how to acquire the metabolism of a lean, energetic person; and how to maintain the motivation to start and finish — to persevere through the weight loss process.


Instead of the fatigue, depression and cravings associated with sugar cravings and dieting, you'll feel energetic, satisfied and confident as you feed and fuel yourself lean with healthy food.


In our study of our most successful 1.3 million customers we learned something amazing. Ninety percent (90%) of those  who were able to follow the simple, easy-to-apply principles of The New Neuropsychology of Weight Control for 10 days never returned to their old habits!

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Core Science & Principles:
Your "Fat Thermostat" & "Psychological Setpoint"

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The New Neuropsychology of Weight Control Contents


The New Neuropsychology of Weight Control is a comprehensive self-paced online audio course that's designed to be listened to, read and interacted with on your desktop/laptop computer, pad and smartphone. It consists of 13 audio sessions (see detailed description below) plus an interactive PDF digital progress guide. The progress guide consists of chapter overviews and summaries with illustrative charts and graphs to help you better understand the principles and concepts of the program.

Also included are body fat and ideal weight calculation tables, self-motivation worksheets, 12 weeks of daily menus (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks), weekly shopping lists and recipes. In addition we've included the written transcripts for each audio session.

Detailed Table of Contents

Because we want you to be totally informed about The New Neuropsychology of Weight Control before you decide to purchase it we have provided you with a detailed description of each audio session/chapter.  Please take the time to carefully read this information so you'll know exactly what's in the program and what it can do for you.

1. The New Neuropsychology of Weight Control: The Master Key to Permanent Weight Loss introduces you to the fascinating weight loss principles of this program. You'll find out why diets don't work. You'll learn about your "fat thermostat." And you'll start believing in your body's ability to shed fat and pounds by eating and not dieting.


2. Success Without Dieting: The 10 Characteristics of People Who Lost Weight Naturally and Kept it Off.

In Session 2, you'll learn the ten characteristics and habits common to the people we studied who lost at least thirty pounds using The Neuropsychology of Weight Control and kept it off. These characteristics will provide an outline from which you can build a positive role model and a source of inspiration as you begin this program. In this session compare yourself against these characteristics to see where you need to make changes. And you'll realize that if these people lost weight permanently, so can you.


3. The Fat Thermostat: Understanding How Your Body Burns Fat.

Session 3 begins the knowledge and information section of the program. You'll learn about your brain's "fat thermostat" and it's "setpoint." You'll learn the relationship between how your body burns and stores fat and weight control. You'll learn why eating plenty of good, healthy, tasty food, instead of starving yourself, is essential to permanent weight control.


4. The New You: How to Determine Your Percentage of Body Fat, Your Ideal Weight and How Long It Will Take to Achieve It.

In Session 4, you'll learn how to determine your current percentage of body fat, your realistic goal weight, and how long it will take you to achieve it. This session teaches you to set realistic goals. Goals that you can achieve if you follow the principles you'll learn in this program.


You can begin Session 4 right now. Click to download the "Percent of Body Fat Calculation Forms" for MEN and for WOMEN. Once you complete these forms you'll have a clear understanding of how much body fat you currently carry around, what the ideal amount of body fat is for men and women, how many pounds your body fat weighs, how much weight you need to lose and how long it will take you to lose it once you start the program.


5. The Power of Commitment: How to Motivate Yourself to Create the Body of Your Dreams.

Reaching your ideal weight, based on the calculations you made in Session 4 will take commitment. In Session 5 you'll learn the four-step formula for developing the power of self motivation, and how you can turn just 10 days of commitment into a lifetime change.


This formula was developed at the Stanford University Neuropsychology Research Laboratory. You'll be introduced to the "Psychological Setpoint" and the "Image of Achievement"the mental blueprint you carry within yourself about your body image and the emotions your body image provoke within you. You'll lean how this image effects your body's physiology and your motivation. And, you'll learn how to change it to a positive image of a lean, healthy and happy person.


6. Eat and Be Thin: Delicious Foods That Help Burn Fat / 7. Eat & Be Thin: The 12 Week Meal Plan

In Sessions 6 and 7 you'll learn about delicious food that will actually help you lower your fat thermostat. You'll learn the six basic principles of healthy eating. You'll learn why it's important to eat until you're satisfied.


We'll provide you with a meal-by-meal twelve week eating plan that will give you with everything you need to prepare delicious meals to help you lose weight.


8. The High Energy Body: How to Build Your Fat-Burning Furnace Through Non-Strenuous Exercise.

In Session 8 you'll learn why you don't have to be an athlete to initiate a successful weight loss program. You'll also learn why strenuous exercise is actually counter- productive to burning fat. And you'll learn the five factors to consider when choosing the best exercise for you to burn fat. You'll learn that simple walking is the best exercise for overweight people. Simply walking 10 minutes a day and building up to 60 minutes will build the lean fat-burning muscles in your legs and accelerate your weight loss.


9. Music in Motion: Moving to the Natural Rhythm of Your Body.

Session 9 provides you with an hour of specially composed music designed to help you feel the natural rhythms of your body when you walk and move. You'll find this music enjoyable and motivational. It will help you look forward to your daily walk or movement routine.


10. The 12 Week Master Plan: How to Develop Your Personal Blueprint for a Lean, Healthy and Energetic Body.

In Session 10 you'll be introduced to a twelve-week master plan for staying on your weight loss program permanently. You'll learn the seven guidelines for effective action and a four point daily plan that keeps the program simple, enables you to set specific performance goals, shows you how to monitor your progress during the day, and how to review and analyze your progress at the end of the day. You'll also learn why record keeping is so important to maintaining your motivation. And you'll be provided with easy to use record keeping forms.


11. Forever Lean: How to Stay Lean, Healthy and Energetic for the Rest of Your Life.

 In Session 11, you'll learn why roadblocks such as stress caused by poor personal relationships or business pressure can sabotage your weight control efforts. You'll learn how to overcome your lack of motivation, lack of support from others for losing weight, food addictions, health-related stress, diet-induced nutritional deficiencies, exercise plateaus, and more.


12. The Motivational Journey: The Power of Knowledge & 13. The Motivational Journey: The Power of Inspiration.

The final two sessions summarize the main points of the program and provide you with an inspiring imaginary journey which will help you focus on what you need to do to lose weight permanently. There will be no sliding back on this program or maintenance because it involves life-long changes and nowhere during your journey will you suffer the ravages of dieting, hunger, or deprivation.


You'll use your imagination to visually experience the principles of this program as they relate to how you'll look and feel when you've reached your goal weight.


 You'll find these sessions inspiring and uplifting. They'll excite and motivate you to reach your goal weight. Your journey will be a fascinating one. You will be excited about the inches and pounds of fat you'll lose. You'll be excited about the positive comments you'll hear from your family and friends. And, perhaps for the first time in your life, you'll feel great about yourself and your accomplishment. With this accomplishment you'll feel you can do anythingovercome any obstacle and conquer any and all challenges life will throw at you.

Dieting is not effective in controlling weight. It has never worked and it never will. The New Neuropsychology of Weight Control is not a diet but a complete lifestyle management system that teaches you how to get rid of your excess body fat by reducing "white" foods and eating plenteous amounts of healthy food and how to keep the fat off for the rest of your life.


Diets Make Your Fat.

The core concept behind the program is that dieting defeats its own purpose. Low calorie dieting triggers your brain's starvation response. The weight you lose is mostly muscle and water and very little fat.


To protect you from starvation your brain then activates your cravings for quick energy (white) foods such as sugar, refined flour and saturated fat. The cravings get so strong you eventually give in, binge and continue eating larger and larger quantities of white food.


You feel terrible about yourself, gain all the weight you lost back plus 5% to 10% more in the form of added fat.  You repeat this cycle many times throughout your life until you end up heavier than you ever thought possible and believe  you can't change.


You feel like a failure. The fad-based starvation diet industry makes you feel like a failure.


But you haven't failed. Do you know how much will-power and discipline it takes to starve yourself?


The diets have failed you. Only by giving up dieting can you begin to achieve the kind of lean, healthy body you've always wanted.


Your Brain Has a "Fat Thermostat" that Protects You from Starvation

The amount of fat in your body is controlled by a weight regulating mechanism in your brain called the "fat thermostat."

Your fat thermostat works by controlling hunger and by directing a number of protective bodily functions that can either increase or reduce you body's fat stores through a fat burning enzyme called AMPK. The fat thermostat is basically a survival mechanism that allowed our ancestors to live through various famines. They passed these fat-storing survival tools (genes) on to us.


Just as the thermostat in your home keeps the room temperature at the level at which you set it (setpoint) your fat thermostat tries to keep your body fat at its setpoint level. If you eat less food than you need (i.e., low-calories diet) , within a few hours your fat thermostat kicks into gear to make you feel hungry. Your hunger becomes progressively worse with continued deprivation and evolves into almost uncontrollable cravings.


After a short time of food reduction, your fat thermostat begins to direct your body to conserve energy (you get tired and lethargic). It protects your fat stores and increases the rate at which fat is stored once enough food becomes available—when you go off your diet—you binge and go back to your unhealthy eating habits.


With this understanding it is easy to see why dieting has been a total failure in controlling your weight on a long-term basis.


The Good News: Your Fat Thermostat Can Be Programmed to Burn Fat and Make You Healthy, Lean & Energetic
The good news is the setpoint of your fat thermostat is not fixed at a certain weight level. It can either be increased (we gain more fat) or lowered (we burn more fat and become lean). The key to successful weight management is to understand the things that lower your fat thermostat's setpoint, start doing those things and stop doing those things which keep it too high and keep you overweight and unhappy.


The New Neuropsychology of Weight Control teaches you, in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow program, how to lower your fat thermostat—lose all of the excess fat your body doesn't need—by eating plenteous amounts of delicious, nutritious food. And it teaches your how to keep the weight off for the rest of your life.


With The New Neuropsychology of Weight Control you'll have the knowledge, tools and power to reprogram your fat thermostat and  your "Psychological Setpoint" to burn fat—to finally make you lean, healthy and energetic. Click Here to Learn More About the Psychological Setpoint.


Only 10 Days for the Rest of Your Life

The study of our 1.3 million customers tells us if your can consistently apply the principles of The New Neuropsychology of Weight Control for 10 days, there's a 90% probability that you'll be able to reach your weight loss goals, make the principles a life-long habit, and be lean and healthier for the rest of your life.

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